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Here you will find three types of information:
1) Information which changes frequently, such as dates and times of events and meetings;
2) Information which changes less often, such as contact details, timetables, schedules, etc;
3) Information which doesn’t change, such as the history and geography of the area.

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This is a list of the latest updates, so you can see which pages have been changed recently.
16/12/14 News & Grapevine Added invitation to Carol service
12/12/14 Welcome Enhanced title
09/12/14 Latest Minutes Minutes of Parish Council meetings for October and November 2014
02/12/14 St.Bartholomew’s Church Updated service list.
02/12/14 Dean Methodist Chapel Brought information up-to-date.
01/12/14 Back Numbers Link to November Grapevine added
17/11/14 Food & Drink Added logos
17/11/14 Cranmore Tower Removed link to Tower website because of possible security threat
17/11/14 East Somerset Railway Added logo
30/10/14 Friendship Circle Brought information up-to-date.
15/10/14 Refuse & Recycling Added links to Christmas recycling info, SWP October 2014 Briefing, and Recycling Services leaflet
14/10/14 Village Hall Name of Cranmore Memorial Hall explained
14/10/14 Services Added extra services and contact details
14/10/14 Community Group Date of next meeting updated
08/10/14 Health Circle phone number changed
06/10/14 Entertainment Links to Fiona Campbell’s and Alce Harfield’s websites added
06/10/14 Churches Links to church pages added to this header page
04/10/14 Transport Basic list of train services added
03/10/14 Education Contact links and information added
02/10/14 Calendar
22/09/14 Strawberry Line W.I.
20/09/14 Contact Us
20/09/14 Links
20/09/14 Information
20/09/14 Village Groups
20/09/14 Tourism
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