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This is a list of the latest updates, so you can see which pages have been changed recently.
26/07/15 News & Grapevine  Uploaded August Grapevine, and updated many sections of the page.
26/07/15 Back Numbers Link to July Grapevine added.
21/07/15 St.Bartholomew’s Church Information about new Rector added
21/07/15 Community Group Next meeting & Notice of Summer Fayre.
21/07/15 Cricket Club Uploaded fixtures list, photo and contact information.
21/07/15 Strawberry Line WI Update
21/07/15 step in stone Updated links and latest information.
21/07/15 Entertainment Uploaded link to Visit Somerset/step in stone.
21/07/15 Parish Council Date of next meeting.
21/07/15 Parish Council Minutes Lots of minutes uploaded.
09/07/15 Friendship Circle Information about Coffee Morning (added time), and Marjorie Wood (Ashman)’s birthday.
29/06/15 Dean Methodist Chapel July service
05/06/15 Links Added link to Step in Stone page. Uploaded Welcome button.
02/06/15 More Information Added tip about using Ctrl/click to open links without losing the page you’re on.
02/06/15 Welcome Added HELP PAGE button.
02/06/15 Services Added information about Thompson Locksmith and T’s All Occasion Cakes.
02/06/15 Contact Us Added David van Dyk’s contact details
10/05/15 Health Link to guidelines on using the Cranmore defibrillator.
02/05/15 Waterlip New information about Waterlip and a link to historic photos of the quarry.
(Pages that have not been updated in the last three months are not shown on this list)

(Apart from the Updates List, this page was last updated on 02/06/2015)