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Are you self-isolating as a result of the Coronavirus or could you help to support others?

During the current Covid-19 Public Health pandemic all parish communications with residents are being managed locally through the Facebook Group ‘e-Chat’, parish noticeboards and leafleting direct to households.

For helpful information and contacts regarding shopping, help and staying safe, please click the link above to read the ‘latest Grapevine.

If you are offering or need help or information, in the first instance please contact the Parish Clerk using  cranmoreparishclerk@hotmail.co.uk or call 01749 880428 / 07971 516916.


Please note that this website is constantly being worked on! There may be some pages awaiting further content or updates. We hope you find it useful and attractive. Feedback is welcomed: via the Parish Council using cranmoreparishclerk@hotmail.co.uk 

This website was last up-dated on 30th March 2020