Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

The beautiful clear sky on Monday, 4th June, 2012 provided an excellent evening for the Beacon lighting on the hill behind Cranmore and an absolutely excellent viewing point. We sat on straw bales and enjoyed our picnics and refreshment from the catering van.


The daylight dimmed, the moon rose and we looked down on the village and across the hills to the south watching other beacons and firework displays with our beacon providing light and warmth.


If the Queen stood through the rain then we should not let it stop us.  On Tuesday 5th June with the steam up, and the carriages packed with Cranmore residents’ family and friends, as well as an on-board bar, the train left the station and off down the line…..flags waving from the windows.


Some of us made our own crowns.

The village photograph will not only record the rain but the un-dampened spirits of everyone determined to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.


The serious training of Cranmore’s very own Morris Men over the recent months ensured great entertainment.

Link to The Cranmore Cranes Morris Men


There was an abundance of jubilee decorated cakes made by villagers that were served during the afternoon tea. Our local cider man provided more liquid refreshment at the station. The Diamond Jubilee cake was ceremoniously cut, celebratory Diamond Jubilee mugs were issued and with a keyboard suitably weather protected we sang the National Anthem.

The evening entertainment was provided by Trevor Hoddinott and his friends, and supplies from the barbecue of burgers and sausages provided sustenance.


We are very grateful to the staff of the East Somerset Railway who ran the train, catering, train bar and provided the venue for the day. They worked extremely hard throughout the day and a very good time was had by all.



Below is the Dropbox link to the photos taken at the Cranmore Beacon lighting, Monday night 4th June, 2012.

Link to Beacon Lighting Photos

Below is the Dropbox link to the photos taken at the Cranmore Jubilee Celebrations Tuesday 5th June.

Link to Cranmore Diamond Jubilee Celebrations


Thanks to Julie Biggs for making the Diamond Jubilee Kneeler made for St Bartholomew’s Church, Cranmore


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