Cranmore Village - Cranmore, Dean, East Cranmore, Waterlip

Dean Chapel
Dean Chapel

Dean is a hamlet of 37 dwellings lying to the north of Cranmore, on the main road from Shepton Mallet to Frome (A361).

Most of Dean is reached via a lane called Dallimore Lane, which leads up from a small lay-by separated from the A361 by a strip of grass known by some residents as ‘The Banana’ because of its shape.

A stream draining the upper slopes runs along most of the length of Dallimore Lane, until, at the lower end, it is channelled into a culvert which takes the water directly to Torr Works quarry. From there, an equivalent amount of water is sent by way of a water management scheme to Chantry Pond and the Whatley Brook, one of the tributaries of the Mells River, eventually joining the River Frome and so reaching the Bristol Channel.

Usually the stream running through Dean is a gentle flow, but heavy rain falling on the bowl of the surrounding hills can change it into a torrent which can overwhelm the banks and the culverts.

A brief history of the Methodist Chapel at Dean, and a lovely photo of it can be found on the Dean Chapel page.


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