Bell Ringing



Tower Captain:

Chris Cawood

(01749 880404)

Tim Phillips

Pete Reakes

Paul Treby

Alison Wickson

Andy Mead



…on Practice Night, Thursday 7.30-9pm,

… for 10am Morning Services,

… for Special Occasions,

… Quarter Peals and Peals

… at other church towers

… with other bands

… by visiting bands

… on Ringing Outing

…  to train new ringers

The Alphabet Quarter Peal Challenge

One Tuesday evening, whilst in the pub The Quarter Peal Team, (ringers Ernie Bray, Alison Wickson, Terry Nicholls, Paul Treby, Pete Neil and Tim Phillips) were discussing what method to ring next.  They had been ringing random methods for some time.  ‘ Why don’t we ring the alphabet’, someone said.

It all seemed a good idea at the time, and 2nd place surprise methods was decided upon.  So on Tuesday 3 November 2009, 1296 Alnwick was successfully rung.  Thus they were off.  It was not all plain sailing, false starts and abandoned evenings did occur, but they were slowing moving on with methods they had never heard of.  Some were harder than others and they did get hung up on Twyning, which took three attempts.  When one of the band informed them that he was moving and of his moving date, they were sprung into action to complete the challenge before he went and on Friday 18th November 2011, 1320 Zatshall was rung, thus completing the alphabet.  Throughout we all stuck to the same bells, and ringing at Wanstrow and West Cranmore Towers. They were ably conducted by Tim Phillips and Ernie Bray who rang the treble and who kept them all sane throughout.


Cheersand…….Since completing this, Andy Mead has now joined this team to fill the place of Pete Neil and since the beginning of 2012 this Ringing Team have taken on yet another challenge of Quarter peals with methods named after flowers.

They have so far rung:-

  • Snowdrop Surprise Minor,
  • Primrose Surprise Minor,
  • Tulip Delight Minor,
  • Violet Treble Bob Minor,
  • Marguerite Surprise Minor,
  • Rose of England Treble Bob Minor (in celebration of the the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee),
  • Jacobs Ladder Bob Minor.

On 12th July they were able to name a new method, ‘defined’ by Jim Major, (Tower Captain of Cranmore’s sister church of St Aldhelm’s, Doulting,) when they rang a quarter peal of St Aldhelm Treble Bob Minor.