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No place like home
A wonderful photo by Chris Lee of Sally Kidall’s installation in the magical Fairy Cave Quarry, entitled ‘Terra Firma: there’s no place like home’. These evocative little ‘houses’ were made of wood, bamboo, transparent nylon fabric, strings, household items, furniture, sawdust, soap, moss, seeds, leaves and sand.

STEP IN STONE was a collaborative, multi-stranded art trail around 3-4 disused and working quarries in the East Mendips to illuminate these spectacular, hidden landscapes and explore Somerset’s heritage and beauty.
The artists created a series of research-led site-specific temporary artworks for a curated trail in response to the nature of quarries.
Contemporary sculpture, land art, photography, textiles, painting, drawing, sound, spatial poetry and printmaking were installed within these environments, aiming to surprise, delight, challenge, fascinate and inform.

On October 20th, when the project had just finished, Fiona wrote: “We have been overwhelmed by the huge success of step in stone, which happened because of the concerted efforts of so many people supporting a brilliant line-up of talented and enthusiastic artists. Thanks to everyone who believed in the idea right from the start and provided the essential funding. Thanks to the venue owners and managers who didn’t just host the exhibitions but also gave much needed help with installations and publicity. Thanks to all those who volunteered their support in so many different ways. Thanks to the various contractors and suppliers who gave generous discounts for their invaluable services and thanks to all our visitors whose feedback clearly shows how much our efforts were appreciated – a true and lasting reward for all our work.”

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“Enjoyed a terrific day at the Somerset Earth Science Centre working with competition winner Charlotte McKeown making her ‘sculpture in a day’. We all collaborated to grind, weld, glue and assemble the conveyor belt inspired piece and were delighted to help Charlotte successfully complete the work in time for the 5-o-clock opening….”
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Fiona Campbell ‘Cirri’ recycled and found materials. Photo: Duncan Simey in Asham/Westdown Quarry

Christina White Bunker circa 1970’s Westdown Quarry grid ref ST717456

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